Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley has been closed 30th October 2016. The museum will move to Tampere Hall and change its name to Moomin Museum. The Moomin Museum will be opened on 17th June 2017.


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Moomin Museum

Original works by Tove Jansson, three-dimensional tableaux, a library and a shop. This is the new Moomin Museum!

’I have my own little nest and I have hung up your picture there.’

Moomintroll, from Moominpappa at Sea

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80. Muumimuki. Ennakkomyynnissä 9.5. alkaen. Juhlistaa myös maailman ainoaa Muumimuseota. #muumimuki #Muumit #moomin #tampere #moominmuseum
From the conservator's table: The new Moomin mug's picture, the original cover for the French edition of Finn Family Moomintroll is a colourful guache. In the painting one can see most of the characters appearing in the book. In the front are Thingumy and Bob, whom the reader meets for the first time in this book when they try to hide the King's Ruby. They are alter egos for Tove Jansson and her beloved one of that time. One could think that the painting is bigger, since it has so many details, but it is actually quite small, only 12 cm high and 42 cm wide. Under the painting Tove Jansson had written some instructions for the publisher, it says e.g. Please send back when no more needed to: Tove Jansson, Ulrikaborgsg. 1. Helsinki 13. Finland, and then there's also some scale graphs for the book cover. The book with this beautiful cover was published in 1968. #moominmuseum #moomin #tovejansson #muumimuseo #muumi #muumimuki #moominmug #arabiafinland #taikurinhattu #finnfamilymoomintroll #tiuhtijaviuhti #thingumyandbob #konservointi #conservation
Iloisia uutisia kaikille muumifaneille ja muumimukien keräilijöille! Ihka ensimmäinen Muumi-taidemuki tulee myyntiin tiistaina 9.5. klo 8 @tamperetaloshop'issa. Mukissa on Tove Janssonin alkuperäiskuvitus, Taikurin hattu. Pohjassa lukee "Muumimuseo, Tampere". @arabiaofficial. @moominmuseum @moominofficial #tamperetalo #muumimuseo #moominmuseum #muumit #muumimuki #moomin #moominmug #tovejansson #arabia #arabiafinland #teema #finnishdesign
Iloisia uutisia kaikille muumien ystäville ja muumimukien keräilijoille! Ihka ensimmäinen Muumi-taidemuki tulee myyntiin tiistaina 9.5. klo 8 @tamperetaloshop'issa. Mukissa on Tove Janssonin alkuperäiskuvitus, Taikurin hattu ja sen pohjassa lukee "Muumimuseo, Tampere. #tamperetalo #muumimuseo #mominmuseum #muumit #muumimuki #tovejansson #arabia #teema #finnishdesign
Such a beauty! A new Moominvalley Moomin mug was made in collaboration between Arabia and Moomin Museum. The original illustration is a book cover, which Tove Jansson painted for the French edition of Finn Family Moomintroll in 1968. The Moominvalley art mug will be in presale at the Tampere Hall shop May 9th onwards and soon after that in retailers. @arabiaofficial @moominofficial #moominmuseum #moomin #muumimuseo #muumi #tovejansson #arabia #muumimuki #moominmug
Museokokoelmasta mukiin! Kesäkuussa @tamperetalo'ssa avautuva maailman ainoa #Muumimuseo ja #Arabia tuovat markkinoille Muumi-taidemukin, jossa on Tove Janssonin alkuperäispiirros, Taikurin hattu -kirjan kansikuva, Tampereen taidemuseon kokoelmista. Mitä tykkäätte? #muumit #omatampere #tampere
Tove Janssonin akvarelli Taikurin hattu -kirjasta koristaa uutta taidemukia. #tovejansson #muumimuki #muumi #muumimuseo #taikurinhattu #moominmug
Tove Janssonin akvarelli Taikurin hattu -kirjasta koristaa uutta taidemukia. #tovejansson #muumimuki #muumi #muumimuseo #taikurinhattu #moominmug
coming moomin mug: arabia x moomin museum ムーミンマグ、こんどはこれ!アラビアとムーミン美術館のコラボです。
Koskahan toi kyltti poistetaan/laitetaan opastaan oikeeseen suuntaan? #tamperekaupunki #tampereallbright #muumimuseo @morolehti
Everybody is welcome to Moominvalley - and Moomin Museum! No matter of colour, language, opinions or what so ever, in Moominvalley everybody is respected and given space as they are. And that is how we all should treat each other! This is a special week against rasism in Finland. #Repost @moominofficial with @repostapp ・・・ Tove Jansson's message ever since the 1950s has been clear; everyone is welcome. Let's enjoy, rejoice and learn from each other. Love conquers all. Together with Finlayson we want to promote a world that resembles Moominvalley as much as possible. Let's create a world that is tolerant and accepting for all.❤️ We are taking part in the #idecide campaign by Suomen Punainen Risti and donating 5% of all sales during 20.-26.3.2017 to support their work against racism. Use the discount code welcome-everyone to claim a 15% discount on all orders on Moomin.com. Valid until March 26th. #Moomin #love #minäpäätän #jagbestämmer #ToveJansson #finlayson #moominmuseum #muumimuseo #muumi

Moomin Museum at Tampere Hall

The only Moomin Museum in the world will open in Tampere Hall in June 2017! An extensive selection from the museum collection will be on display in the museum’s new home in Tampere Hall. There will be a unique exhibition of original Moomin illustrations and paintings by Tove Jansson, over 30 three-dimensional tableaux built by Tuulikki Pietilä, a chance to explore the Moomin Museum’s own library as well as buy wonderful products from our revamped shop.


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