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The world’s only Moomin Museum

in Tampere, Finland!

Tue-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm, closed Mon / Adults 12€, children 6 € / Tampere Hall, Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere, Finland


What Happens Next?

Where did the ancestors of the Moomins live? What was Moominpappa’s stormy youth like? What do Hattifatteners do during a thunderstorm? These and many other secrets are revealed in What Happens Next?.

The Moomin Museum’s first permanent exhibition retells the entire story of the Moomins, starting from the Great Flood and the mad midsummer’s floating theatre to the puzzle of the lighthouse and the mysterious disappearance of the Moomins one grey November day.

Tove Jansson and the Moomins

The museum’s first temporary exhibition traces the path of Jansson’s creative development as a Moomin illustrator and the visual evolution of the Moomin characters over the passing years.

Guided tours in English, new schedule!

The Moomin Museum offers guided tours in English every Saturday & Sunday at 3pm. We can take 20 persons on the tour, please come forward to the museum personnel at your arrival.

Moomin Museum Pop-Up

The Moomin Museum brings a touch of magic from Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter to Terminal 1 at Tampere-Pirkkala airport. The departure lounge is filled with Moominvalley’s most beloved residents, from Moomintroll to Fillyjonk, who are visiting the airport together with a snow castle and mini-exhibition featuring digigraphs of Jansson’s original illustrations for Moominsummer Madness. Jansson’s cheerful characters, magical winter landscapes, and summery illustrations offer an enchanting distraction that takes the tedium out of waiting for a plane.

Tampere Hall Shop

The shop is open to museum guests and all visitors at Tampere Hall. The range includes exciting Moomin souvenirs, design and music, books written and illustrated by Tove Jansson, Tampere souvenirs, and classic Finnish design brands.

You will additionally find hand-made crafts by Finnish designers as well as music by the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, which is also based at Tampere Hall. Here you can buy Moomin postcards and stamps and have your letters stamped with a special Moomin postmark.

‘Well, it’ll be another nice long day tomorrow,’ said Moominmamma. ‘And it’s all yours from beginning to end. Now isn’t that a lovely thought!’

Moominmamma, from Moominpappa at Sea

Take a seat and enjoy a quiet moment with one of Jansson’s books in the Moomin Museum Reading Room. In our Reading Room you will find Moomin books in over 20 languages, along with other books by and about Jansson. The collection features historical rarities and fresh copies of every new Moomin edition.