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The Moomin Museum’s Studio lets you unleash your inner artist! The Studio organizes various events throughout the year and provides a workspace where museum visitors can get creative in free-form sessions and guided workshops. The Studio is often in the mornings used by school groups, but all visitors are welcome to drop in and get arty whenever the space is free. The workshops vary in content and theme, ranging from art-making and crafts to community projects.

Autumn 2018

From the beginning, Tove Jansson’s beloved Moomins have had their adventures not only in books, but also on different stages in Finland and abroad. In the Moomin Museum Studio, you can make theatre yourself. In the book Moominvalley in November, Fillyjonk creates an enchanting party programme: a shadow play named Homecoming. The magic of shadow theatre is simple, it is based on light and silhouettes. At the guided non-stop workshop in the Studio, you can make your own shadow theatre figure and act, if you wish, your own story on the Studio stage. In Fillyjonk’s play, the Moomin family sails home in their boat, across a sheet stretched out to make the stage. There is room on the Museum stage for all kinds of Moomin and other stories!

The Studio is open daily from 12 – 4 pm