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The Moomin Museum’s Studio lets you unleash your inner artist! The Studio provides a workspace where museum visitors can get creative in free-form sessions and guided workshops every day from noon to 4pm (except some private events). All visitors are welcome to drop in and get arty! The workshops vary in content and theme, ranging from art-making and crafts to community projects.

Winter light: graphic impressions until 23rd April 2019

Moominland Midwinter is a book of dark, mysterious illustrations capturing the long, eerie shadows of winter. Moomintroll, who usually hibernates, has never experienced anything quite like the cold and darkness of winter before. Tove Jansson used the scratchboard technique to achieve evocative shadowy effects. Scratchboard is a form of direct engraving in which dark ink is scratched away to reveal a white image beneath. We invite you to take part in our instructed workshop, in which you can make a similar type of artwork with a printmaking technique. Our graphic art workshop uses a subtractive technique similar to scratchboard: Paint, draw or scratch forth an image on a plate, and then try hand-printing it on our printing press. Create your own shadowy image of winter, or ink your plate with gold and bring out the sunshine!

The musical elephant and marabou stork’ workshop

A musical treat awaits visitors at the Moomin Museum during the school winter holidays. Members of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra will provide special entertainment in the form of Carnival of the Animals children’s concert on 21.2. and 22.2. at Tampere Hall. Inspired by the concerts, we will also host a series of animal-themed musical workshops at the museum. Listen to the music: Can you make out the sound of a roaring lion, an elephant trumpeting or a swansong? And what does a howling wolf sound like? As we all know, the Moomin stories are teeming with whimsical animals and strange creatures, such as the huge Mameluke fish and the Antion, a creature that lives deep in the sand on Moominvalley beach.

What animal or strange creature does the music remind you of? Come and create your creature in our guided printmaking workshop!