Moomin Museum Guest of Honour

And we have a winner!


Sigrid Meulemans from Antwerp, Belgium melted the jury’s hearts with her moving video. The jury was especially impressed by Sigrid’s vision and skill, and loved the fact that the video clearly draws inspiration from the original Moomin books. Congratulations on the win, Sigrid, and welcome to Tampere in August!

You can watch Sigrid’s winning video here.

Thank you again to everyone taking part in the competition!

We welcome you to take part in our special contest!

Tell us why you’re the biggest Moomin fan in the world, and you’re in the running to become the Guest of Honour of Moomin Museum and Tampere, Finland.

Why Tampere?

You might already know that the world’s only Moomin Museum is situated in the city of Tampere, Finland. The original artwork by Tove Jansson is exhibited in an exclusive museum that makes guests of all ages fall in love with the characters, if they haven’t already! Read more about the museum by clicking the logo on the upper left corner.

Tampere is also known for its beautiful lake nature, lively culture scene as well as innovative restaurants and local beers. Read more from!

How do I take part?

All you need to do is post an interesting / fun / personal video of you telling us why you should be elected as the Guest of Honour. Then, post it on Instagram with hashtag #moominmuseumguestofhonour. Please make sure your account is public and not private so the video will show up on this page. You have until Sunday, June 10th to take part! Our jury will pick the winner. The jury consists of representatives from the Moomin Museum, Moomin Characters Ltd and Visit Tampere.

What if I win?

Congratulations! We’ll offer you and your friend a trip to Tampere and the Moomin Museum as our Guest of Honour. The time of travelling is ca. 10.-15.8. (depending on available flight connections), so that you’ll get to attend the Moomin Museum Garden Party on August 11th. In addition to the Moomin Museum, you’ll also get to visit other interesting sights in Tampere, as well as eat in our favourite local restaurants. You’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep in a luxury suite in Lapland Hotels Tampere. Your flights, visits, meals and accommodation will be covered by Visit Tampere. Please note that we will be filming the highlights of your trip and the material will be used for a promotional video about Tampere and the Moomin Museum.

The jury is entitled to choose the winner according to their personal criteria. The prize cannot be converted to money. If we don’t hear from the winner within 72 hours of making contact, we’re entitled to choose a new winner. The final itinerary of the trip will be planned according to the winner’s schedules and available flight connections, but the trip will be planned around Moomin Garden Party, organized August 11th. Please note that the trip might cause you some expenses, even though the biggest costs like flights and main meals are covered.