‘That will be fine,’ said Moominmamma.
‘I’ll take the jam. Sniff dear, will you start emptying
the drawers of the bureau, because all those things must be packed. So began the biggest running and carrying and packing you ever saw’

Comet in Moominland

‘Making of’ exhibition in Tampere Hall’s Winter Garden

1st floor 1.11.2016–8.5.2017

(Exhibition closed:  23.12.2016-8.1.2017, 20.-22.1.2017, 4.-5.2.2017, 4.-5.3.2017, 18.-29.3.2017 and 1.-4.4.2017. Dates subject to change.)

What sort of expertise is needed before the opening of the new museum can be celebrated?
What types of materials have been used in the tableaux?
What kind of precision is required from a museum conservator in cleaning Hemulen’s tail?
These questions will be answered in the “Making of the Moomin Museum” exhibition.

The move has begun!

The first moving crates of the world’s only Moomin Museum have appeared in the Winter Garden of Tampere Hall. The Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley has been waiting for the new premises on the ground floor of the Tampere Art Museum for the last few years, but finally the exhibition and collection will be packed for the move to Tampere Hall.

The first moving crates in the Winter Garden give a glimpse of the future. In the wintry landscape covered in snowflakes, the inhabitants of Moominvalley, from Moomintroll to Fillyjonk, look in wonder at the crates along with the visitors.

Crates tell stories

You can learn the story of the Moomin Museum by peeking into the crates. True to the 12 Moomin books written and illustrated by Tove Jansson, the “Making of” exhibition has 12 crates – one for each book and each with its own fascinating adventure.

The moving crates, modelled after real art transport crates, hold secrets. Each has a treasure from the Moomin collection hidden inside, including ones which have never been on display before. These boxes reveal what will be discovered in the museum exhibition: letters, photographs, tableaux materials and sketches.

The crates also contain answers to interesting questions such as: Who was Tove Jansson and how were the Moomins created? How did the Moomin collection end up in Tampere? What kind of challenges were there when establishing the Moominvalley?

Take a peek behind the scenes!

Each crate in the “Making of Moomin Museum” exhibition contains a short video. They offer insights into the creation of the new museum.

In the videos you can learn, for example, how a conservator cleans the tail of Hemulen, who it is standing on the Moominvalley pier, how a museum technician takes care of transporting fragile original work, how an exhibition architect draws the dark pond in the “Moominpappa at Sea” section and how builders make the scenes come to life in the exhibition space.

The Winter Garden invites all friends of the Moomins to dive into the stories and get behind the scenes of the Moomin Museum’s creation. If you are unable to come to the exhibition, you can follow the “Making of the Moomin Museum” story in the “News” section this site.

Opening hours
Weekdays: 9am – 6pm and allways when events take place
Weekend: exhibition opens two hours before events and stays open while events take place.

Kuva: Jari Kuusenaho

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