Moominmamma had been sitting on the sand all this time mopping her forehead, and now she gave a great sigh and exclaimed: ‘What a move!’

Comet in Moominland

Welcome Moomin fans and other friends of art

The only Moomin museum in the world will open its doors in Tampere in June 2017! The art museum, formerly known as Moominvalley, will relocate to its new home in Tampere Hall and will offer its visitors an even more comprehensive, unique and enchanting overview of Tove Jansson’s (1914–2001) art and stories.

The ever fascinating Moomin stories, created by Tove Jansson, unfold through illustrations, paintings, three-dimensional tableaux and various guided tours, stimulating the readers imagination and creating the desire to experience more stories.

Tove Jansson original Moomin illustrations are a key part of the museum’s atmosphere. They tell where it all began and what Moomins were like when they were brought into this world by Tove Jansson’s pen.

The three-dimensional tableux built by Tuulikki Pietilä (1917–2009) capture scenes from the Moomin stories that have been translated into more than 50 languages – and whose wisdom, warmth, geniality and love of adventure appeal to Moomin fans all over the world.

The Moomin Museum is for everyone! You are welcome to come and enjoy it with us.


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