Moominmamma had been sitting on the sand all this time mopping her forehead, and now she gave a great sigh and exclaimed: ‘What a move!’

Comet in Moominland

Stay and enjoy Moomin stories in the Museum’s new Reading Room!

The Moomin Museum’s new Reading Room invites you to come and enjoy Moomin stories. You will be able to find Moomin books in almost 20 different languages as well as information about Tove Jansson. The Reading Room’s collection includes treasures spanning many years and new editions will continually be added.

The Moomin books, written and illustrated by Tove Jansson, fascinate children and adults alike. Amid the shelves, you can sit in peace, marvelling at Tove Jansson’s skilful use of the pen. From spring 2017 onwards, you will also be able to immerse yourself in the world of the Moomins in audio book format.

The Reading Room attracts visitors to Tampere Hall’s main lobby and it may be visited at any time during the opening hours of Tampere Hall. The books can’t be borrowed, but Moomin books can be bought from the new shop.

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